Class Descriptions

Flow & Chill: We start with a steady practice matching movement & breath, then transition into a surrender of restorative yoga postures that use props to allow your body & mind to unwind. All levels welcome.

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Functional Mobility & Movement: FMM offers an approach to yoga & movement that improves your mobility by loading your body with external forces such as resistance bands, weighted balls, blocks…whatever we can round up! These classes combine strength & flexibility to provide creative, new takes on traditional yoga poses & offers you a means by which to help support joint stability, posture & healthy movement patterns. All levels welcome. 

Yin Yoga: Yin is a meditative, slow-paced class where poses are passive & held with props for 3-5 mins or more with the aim to target the body’s deep connective tissue, fascia, joints, ligaments & bones. Along with its physical benefits, It also improves energetic & mental well-being. Not appropriate for pregnant women and those who are hypermobile.

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Yoga Fusion: This is a unique blend of yoga & movement practices designed to prioritize strength through one's available range of motion. This class will challenge you to go deeper into understanding how your body moves by deconstructing postures & experiencing movement in various planes, as well as with changing up our relationship to gravity. We will use: bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, the Rope Wall, chairs, sandbags, resistance bands, and Yoga Tune Up® balls. Variations will be provided no matter what stage of any given pose you’re able to work into. Sometimes we’ll flow, sometimes we'll workshop, and sometimes we’ll hold poses as we strengthen, balance, and focus body & mind. Here’s where you’ll learn the appropriate way for your body to approach your practice - with humour, humility, & curiosity - not with force or ego. **It's always a good idea to have a pair of socks on hand and if you have your own Yoga Tune Up® balls, bring ‘em!** All levels welcome.


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Power Flow: In this fast-paced, flowing class, strength & stamina are emphasized. We never follow a set sequence of postures -- each class is unique & will vary from teacher to teacher. Appropriate for active beginners through to advanced students; not recommended for those with active injuries.

Sunrise Yoga: Start your day with an early morning practice. This early class draws from all styles of yoga to create a wonderful wake-up & get ready for the day practice. All levels welcome.

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Interval Training & Conditioning: A type of high intensity interval training (HIIT)/yoga-inspired session that features a set time period of intense exercise followed by active rest. This format is designed to get your heart rate up for short periods of time to help you burn more calories both during & after your workout. Also expect some much-needed cool down time with a blend of yoga postures. All levels welcome; not recommended for those with injuries.

Yoga Flow: These classes are strong, fluid offerings which challenge students to build strength & stability through functional movement patterns. The class isn’t fast-paced, but it is vigorous & students can expect to be challenged to build strength through creative approaches to familiar postures. There’s less focus on passive stretching & more on dynamic stretching & building muscle integrity. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Flow: This class explores syncing movement & breath. Experience how varying movement patterns & sequences creates strength  & enhances flexibility. Each class will be different based on your instructor’s creative choice & background to bring you to new depths & your edge on that particular day. Appropriate for active beginners to advanced students. Variations and modifications will always be provided. Be sure to work at your own pace & take breaks whenever you need. 

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Yoga for Strength: A yoga class that uses poses to help build strength & muscle using your own body weight. All levels welcome.