Member of the Month: Why do YOU climb? 



Meet Jany... or JJ as she is affectionately known by both staff and climbers


Do you know what JJ’s Member number is? It’s one. Yup, she has been here since the beginning. A constant positive influence on those around her, JJ is always down to give beta or just simple encouragement both in the gym and at the crag. Anyone who meets her instantly falls for her smile and good vibes, it’s no wonder she is our Member of the Month this month.

When we asked Jany “Why do you climb?” she responded:

“Why do I climb….because it is as essential as breathing and drinking water for me. It gives me a deeper connection to life and as a cancer survivor, I will take the deepest connections I can and embrace every moment of it. The problem solving in climbing has helped me navigate through hardships in life and it has taught me how to 'send’ all the challenges thrown my way. It stimulates my mind like no other sport and its physical demands have kept my body strong to be able to endure chemotherapy and the long-term side effects that came with the treatment. Climbing also provides me with endless inspiration for my art. My love for the sport can’t be summed up in a paragraph :)”


Dante Liska Flagpole-at-Red-Rock.jpg


Meet Dante...

He's a favourite among our community for his awesome attitude, and for repping the gecko on and off the wall. Dante has embraced the climbing community and culture at a young age; ready to pull hard at every chance. Dante was a member of our youth Academy and remains a staple around the gym usually by the bouldering wall.

When we asked Dante why he climbs, he gave us a simple answer: "Because it’s fun."




Meet Lynn...

Lynn walked through our doors for the first time in 2009; and whether she is lead climbing in the cave or rockin’ out in the yoga studio, CR has been a better place for it. She is one of the most selfless people we know and is always there to support fellow climbers at CR as well as out at the crag. Our staff love her because she is never without a smile on her face (the cookies she brings doesn't hurt either...).

When we asked Lynn why she climbs, she said it has a lot to do with challenging her body and learning new ways to move. But at the end of the day, she’s here for the community and people.

“I come to CR for many reasons: It's a safe place to try something new, work on something current or just relax....without any judgement. There is something for everyone no matter what level you are working at and no matter how you feel that day. You enter the building and instantly absorb the positive energy inside. Everyone is family once you step through the doors. I believe the staff value each person as an individual, encourage and teach without any preconceived notions about individual performance, and lead by example as to how we can all believe in ourselves.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude for the many years of happiness I have enjoyed here.”

Thank YOU Lynn for repping the gecko around the gym and out there in the world!