Tryouts for our 2017-2018
competitive season
will take place on July 29th.

SATURDAY, JULY 29th, 2017

YOUTH, AGES 10-17, 9:00AM – 12:00PM

ADULTS/OPEN, AGES 18 +, 1:00PM – 3:00PM

EMAIL for more details.


What team divisions will there be this year?
Athletes selected for team will be separated into 2 categories (Elite or Select) and then placed in their appropriate age group. The breakdown will be as follows:

Open (18+)
Senior (Jr, A and B categories)
Junior (C and D categories)

Open (18+)
Senior (Jr, A and B categories)
Junior (C and D categories)

What’s the difference between Elite and Select?

The Elite program is intended for high performance athletes with a desire to train at the highest level. Select is intended for those with an aptitude for competition climbing, who have not yet developed their entire skillset. 

When and how will we find out who made what division/team?

When decided, an email will be sent out to every individual who has earned a spot. The email will contain information regarding scheduling and pricing. Decisions will not be discussed on Saturday.

Can parents stay to watch tryouts?

No parents (or friends / siblings / any kind of spectator) please! If you're not trying out, you will not be permitted to watch any part of the tryouts. This will also allow us to limit potential distractions, maximize our time, and let our athletes get to know each other a little better. 

If I’m not interested in competing, should I be trying out?

This program is solely intended for people who plan on competing - if you are only interested in recreational climbing programs, we have those too! For youth ages 4-17, check out our Academy. If you're an adult interested in recreational climbing programs, stay tuned - we'll be gauging interest from adults for a hopeful Fall start.