Summer Sweat Fest stops at CR on July 14!

Summer Sweat Fest returns to Climber's Rock this Thursday! Come join the fun: whether you're a recreational boulderer or a seasoned veteran, SSF is built to accommodate climbers of every age and ability.

Scramble Category
Recreational climbers can enjoy 30 brand new problems graded from white tape to green tape, climbing anytime between 5pm and 10pm. Take as much time as you want to fill up your scorecard, and your final score will be the value of the 6 hardest climbs you completed.
Cost: $26.55+tax

Open Category
Strong boulders with the mental fortitude for competitive climbing will be pitted against 5 hard World Cup-style boulders. Scored with tops and bonuses, open climbers have only 90 minutes from the time they start to accumulate the best score possible. 5 problems for men, 5 problems for women. Open climbers may start their 90 minutes of climbing time anytime between 5pm and 8:30pm. Any climbers starting after 8:30 will be forced to finish climbing at 10pm.
Cost: $35.40+tax

Registration, details and rules are all available at