Welcome to the new climbersrock.com!

Our previous website served us well since its introduction in January 2011, but our facility, programs, and community have changed a lot since then. We spent a lot of time pondering the purpose of our website in this age of Facebook and Instagram, and we landed on three major improvements we wanted to make.

1. Instantly up-to date
Our previous website was difficult to update and it wasn't particularly well-formatted to deliver urgent new information. Our new website presents a news feed directly on the front page (also accessible under "Info"), has space for a calendar and visual notices on the right hand side, and supports an alert bar at the top of the page for quick notices regarding hour changes and wall closures.

2. Simple navigation and clear information
Our new site won't mislead you with changing menus: you'll always know what page you're on and how you got there. We've also cut down on unnecessary text and added more headings to help you find the info you're looking for.

3. More photos!
We've got some of the prettiest walls, best problems, and the most attractive staff and members... might as well show it off! Our first draft of this site includes a lot of slightly out of date photos, but we're planning on staging another photoshoot in the fall.

Other new features include route distribution graphs, a fully adaptable layout for mobile devices, and a significantly sassier tone in the written copy. 

While we're very happy with all of these improvements, we know there's more to be done: we're working hard to move our Yoga domain to this new format while retaining all of the custom functionality we built, and registration for BASEcamp, Academy, and intro lessons should be making the switch over as well. You can also look forward to staff bios as soon as we find the time to write them!

Until them, we hope you enjoy the new experience we built. Hopefully we'll answer more of your questions with fewer clicks. If you think there's something missing or you find an error, please let us know via our contact form.