OCF Announces 2016/17 Competition Schedule

The Ontario Climbing Federation has announced the competition schedule for 2016/17, along with exciting new changes to competition formats:

Two Day Locals
Local events experienced an average 52% growth in the number of competitors over the previous season, so local events will now be spread over 2 days to accommodate the ballooning number of participants. Open/Junior/Youth A competitors will climb on day 1, and Youth B/C/D climbers will compete on day 2. 

Along with spreading out the competitor load, it will also allow routesetters to focus more time on each category, resulting in better problems/routes for everyone.

Open Category at Bouldering Locals
Open competitors will now be welcome to compete at OCF Bouldering Locals. They will climb the same problems as Junior/Youth A competitors, and will be ranked against them in the Open Category (Open category includes all climbers age 16 and up, so climbings in Junior/Youth A can end up placing on Open as well as their youth category)

20 Climbers Advance to Provincials
2 years after Canada instituted a cap on competitors invited to Nationals, Ontario is now doing the same for Provincials. Only 20 competitors from each category will progress to Provincials. Further details on ranking and eligibility will be provided by the OCF.

View the entire OCF 2016/17 Schedule here.

Climber's Rock will be hosting an OCF Difficulty (Rope) Local on March 25-26th. While the competition is far off and planning will begin in the new year, we expect to be mostly/completely closed for the event. Details to come.