Grab your denim jackets and neon scrunchies for a night of lights out climbing with some tunes dropped by our very own DJ Juicy J-Rock! 


When: Friday, June 22, 2018 6:30-11pm
Admission: included in climbing membership or day pass
What: a night of 5-star climbing in a dark ambient setting, with live DJ, free glowsticks, and some awesome door prizes! 

Lead climbers and lead/TR belayers must wear headlamps at all times! Headlamps will not be provided.


So how dark is it? Pretty dark! The gym will glow with dim floodlights, glowsticks, string lights and other ambient sources, but this will probably be the darkest night of climbing you've ever experienced. Without a headlamp, you may find it difficult to differentiate different hold colours in certain parts of the gym.

Do I need a headlamp? All lead climbers, lead belayers and top rope belayers are required to provide and wear their own headlamp, but they are not mandatory for top rope climbing or bouldering. However, we'd recommend headlamps if you're concerned about differentiating hold colours or if you have existing vision problems. Check out the full Petzl line of headlamps online or at fine outdoor retailers like MEC.

Do I get a free glowstick? Why yes, you do! All climbers will be required to wear a glowstick or two throughout the night make it easier to spot others on the wall or on the ground. Hang it on your chalkbag or wear it around your wrist, just make sure you don't lose it!

Will the entire gym be dark? Is anything closed for the event? Yes, the entire climbing gym will be dark. The yoga studio will still have their normal lights on. The only closure will be the free weights area on the mezzanine. 

Can I get a lead test during the event? No! Lead tests will not be available while the lights are out. All lead test must be scheduled in advance, and availability is limited! See our Lessons & Tests page for full details.

What kind of beats will DJ Jordan Rock be dropping? Will he play any Bob Seger? Jordan loves his Drum & Bass, House, and Techno. We'd be pretty surprised if the classic "Night Moves" was on his playlist, but we won't put anything past him!