Teacher Training

Our alignment-based and practice-centered approach to teacher training is unique: it's flexible and convenient with an emphasis on experiential learning and integration of the materials in a step-by-step approach. Requirements for Yoga Alliance's RYT 200 include: 10 Teaching Series Modules (1 module per month), electives, practicum, and homework assignments.

Our RYT 200 program encourages and allows you to experience, digest, and integrate the teachings of yoga through a series of experiential modules that blend practice with asana-focused anatomy, bio-mechanics, and hands-on assisting. We provide in-depth instruction, apprenticeship, and mentoring, and encourage individual growth.

Each module takes 4 weeks to complete as we travel up the body stopping along the way through mini-immersions. Students may take modules in any order and/or enroll in individual modules. Our modules and workshops satisfy the continuing education units requirement for the Yoga Alliance (if you already are a RYT).

You will learn:

  • anatomy
  • asana
  • subtle anatomy: i.e., chakras, nadis, bandhas
  • meditation
  • pranayama
  • yoga philosophy

Classes meet every Wednesday evening from 6pm-10pm. Elective workshops will be held throughout the year on various dates. Twenty (20) workshop elective hours, 160 core module hours, and 20 non-contact hours (homework) are required to complete a full program and be eligible for RYT 200 Certification.

Teaching Staff


Complete RYT 200 program cost is $3,000 (single payment option) and includes 10 core modules PLUS requisite elective hours (workshops) PLUS a 12 month Studio Membership at Climber's Rock (climbing included). Free climbing lesson (Learn to Belay) available upon request. Value of extras included with paid-in-full RYT 200 program total more than $1,000.

Alternatively, students may enroll in individual modules at a cost of $300 per module (1 month Studio Membership included). Prices for individual workshops (for elective hours) will vary based on the length of the workshop and the cost of any guest teachers. Anticipated cost for workshop elective hours is approximately $25 per hour.

Note: Twenty (20) workshop elective hours are included at no extra charge for paid-in-full RYT 200 students.

Students may complete modules and workshops in any order and start program at the beginning of any module or workshop throughout the year. To be eligible for RYT 200 certification, students must complete required hours within 2 years of start date.